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My name is Nick Coltrain. I grew up on punk rock and Nietzsche. I'm a journalist now.

Colorado State University pay equity saga

CSU gender gap: 60% of lowest-paid faculty are women - A deep look into the structural factors that go into gender-based pay inequity. Colorado State University, like most universities,  is relying more and more on adjunct faculty -- a class of instructor that is the lowest paid and disproportionally female.

Big Money: CSU leadership raises outpace whole - Following a report that Colorado State University may have been paying female full professors less than their male counterparts, we set about examining pay at the university. CSU refused to release its salary increase exercise in a digital version, forcing us to recreate it from a physical copy ourselves. That effort helped us realize that top administrators received larger-than-average raises that calendar year.

CSU pays ex-chancellors $459K per year - While reporting the package on salary equity, we learned that the two former chancellors retained six-figure salaries -- making both among the highest paid at the university -- despite losing the formal chancellor job.

CSU professors get raises after salary equity review - This is what it's all about, right? As a direct consequence of our reporting, 59 professors received raises to bring them in line with peers of equitable experience and accomplishment.

Professor: CSU study based pay goals on gender - A tip from a source led to this piece. A statistics professor had been ringing the bell about how salary increases are handled at CSU for months but didn't gain much traction until we started reporting this piece.